Alan Schlechter

Alan Schlechter, MD is the Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic at Bellevue Hospital Center. He also began teaching the NYU undergraduate course, “The Science of Happiness,” in the Spring of 2009. In his role as Director he treats and helps organize the care of some of the most vulnerable children and families in New York City. In his role as Professor he teaches 325 students the mental health education that he believes all people should receive early in life. In both of his roles, Alan pursues the study of change. The aims of the course are to survey how people overcome mental illness and how healthy people develop their strengths. How we mobilize our capacity to create change when we are suffering and how we do this when we are doing well. He utilizes the resources of both traditional psychology and the field of positive psychology to care for his patients at Bellevue and for those in his small private practice. Using the best science that we have, he works to foster behaviors and thoughts that might help prevent mental illness.